Find love by using your first and last name

  • Simulate your date with all members. Meeting your soul mate has never been so easy.
  • You will have full information about each member, as if you had lived with each one of them.
  • This simulator will highlight the profiles that will be most compatible with you, so you can find your true soul mate amongst the people that you would have liked to have met, if only you'd had the chance.
  • You choose the quality of your future relationship, ie before the game and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Anyone with a score of 5 = your soul mate, < 5 = something missing from your relationship, only the 'sharing' criterion can have a lower score.
  • Test the reliability of the simulator with your past and present relationships. 13,000 tests have been carried out since 1979 with a 99% success rate.

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How does it work?

A date simulator

Feliinkxs is a date simulator that enables you to find out, in just one click, how your relationship would be with all the members of the website before getting to know them, as if you had already met them all yourself.


The Feliinkxs approach is crystal clear. It's designed to help you find love in an honest way.

13 000 couples have been helping to design this concept since 1979, with an acknowledged success rate of 99%.

Test this simulator

If you've had one or more relationships in your life :

Humans vs simulator

And because you get the chance to meet thousands of people, your heart will know when it finds 'the one'.

It would be physically impossible for you to meet all these people.

With Feliinkxs it's all done for you. With just one click a simulation of all these dates is carried out, starting with your first and last name.

This tool takes the power of the internet and takes your dating experience, whether straight, lesbian, gay, or bi, or transgender into another dimension.

Feliinkxs - for lovers! Feliinkxs - the dating website for lovers!

Discover this simulator

The tool offers you a genuine relationship analysis with every member on the website. The tool involves two separate parts:

The rating of your relationship

The purpose of the rating is to highlight the right people at the right time - two criteria that are essential for a successful relationship.

You rate your relationships on four basic criteria:

A rating of 0 to 5 with an intuitive color:

Example relationship rating report Rating of a relationship Rating a relationship

The text explaining the relationship

Analysis of the text helps you to choose the good and bad things in your relationship.

Written report on a relationship Written report on a relationship

The written report provides information on the general behavior in the relationship and the nature of the involvement of each person in it according to the following main points. This list is not exhaustive:

Understanding the ratings

You choose a relationship with a maximum rating of 5, remembering that a low rating on one of the criteria reveals a weakness in that area.

Read the information to choose the rules for your relationship.

Annual rating

Annual rating Annual rating

This rating is not shown for tests of registered members and directly includes the current year. You will find this information in the text that accompanies the rating.

This rating shows the energy changes within the couple, from the time it started, which is like a date of birth for a relationship.

Understanding the text

Written report on a relationship Written report on a relationship

An ancestral science

Modern science has no tangible explanation for the human emotion we call love and which we can only think of in terms of some kind of magical force.

We learn in two very distinct ways:

Do our modern sciences have an explanation for it?

We accept the complexity of the meridians of Chinese medicine, without tangible proof, because we know it 'works'.

We have lost part of the origin of these ancient sciences.

The alphabet, one of mankind's greatest inventions, is one of those ancient sciences.

The origins of the letters come from ideograms - visual symbols of the primary forms in our environment.

The power of the Name, due to the very act of naming, has often been evoked in ancient writings.

Our cognitive sciences have used MRI to show the reaction of the human brain to those primary forms in the environment.

The hypothesis

The representations of primary forms in the environment are also the origins of our first and last names, so could they also be at the origin of our feelings for another named person?

This hypothesis is backed up by the findings of MRI scans.

A researcher used a tool from the cabbala in an empirical fashion, i.e. the tree of life, which relates everything that happens to our tangible world.


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